03 septiembre 2007

Wawrinka botón

Dear Log:

Well I am here right now in New York City en la torre de un hotel. Very tired with the long flight in Dumas Airlines.

I write in english in order to get acostumbred, here.

Very angry with the incidents of the past weekend in Macacheen.

The people here love the whales, and is trying to save us. Everybody greets me with a lot of respect and is looking for my hug. Anyway, I told everyone I met about our return to the Mateo and the promising perspectives for the Presidents Cup in the awesome Cultural League.

Juan is well, I reminded him about the problematic drive of Wrawrinka.

I am happy cuz the Santa Rosa Athletic club will have a fan that would be in some way playing tomorrow´s match.

It´s for real: everyone who wants to know me can watch the ESPN transmission, I would be in the very deep court, in Juan´s bag. Mi idea is to counsel him on critical moments, so I have alredy acredited myself as an "technical infield assistant".

It would be tough, but we will have a lot of Actitud Santa Rosa.

Lots of love,


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